Recruit foster youth to become pen pals

mission main img
mission main img

Pen A Friend, Inc. Germantown, MD

The Mission

Pen A Friend, Inc. is a nonprofit organization which provides a free and unique service of creating pen pal friendships for youth in foster care. We are a new organization and we would like to reach as many foster youth as possible to ensure that they know about Pen A Friend, Inc. and that this service is available to them.

Pen A Friend, Inc. is dedicated to transforming the lives of foster children one friendship at a time

What We Are Looking For

No skills required, we are looking to brainstorm ideas on how to reach out to foster kids, and then need help implementing those ideas.

Help us better the lives of foster children

We believe that sharing our experiences with someone and building long lasting friendships is one of life’s greatest gifts. Pen a Friend, Inc.’s vision is to create a world where every foster child has a friend, always.

Can YOU help Solve this Mission?