SolveUp is a platform that leverages the strength of the community, especially yours.  Whereas lodging has AirBnB and transportation has LYFT or Uber, communities have Solve Up. We crowdsource volunteer “Solvers” to resolve tough social issues, nonprofit challenges, and leverage opportunities for change.  By engaging individuals, students, and professionals to share their time, talent, and resources, Solve Up facilitates nonprofits and causes finding solutions through the skills and expertise of those who volunteer.   Our value comes via four pathways:


SolveUp.org empowers nonprofits to post Missions which are time-limited, project-based initiatives that address challenges or leverage opportunities.  Once posted, volunteer Solvers can make offers to solve Missions aligned with their skills, life experience, and values.  Nonprofits that post Missions can accept a single offer or multiple offers allowing them to build a team around the problem or opportunity.  Missions can be narrowly defined tasks or broader, big-picture opportunities.

SolveUp University

Solve Up University also presents Missions that can be framed as internships.  What’s unique about these opportunities is that they are remote, time-limited, project-based ventures, engaging students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to live near or work unpaid for the practical, engaging opportunities that internships offer.  Intern participants are university student Solvers who make unpaid offers in response to Missions posted by nonprofits.  Nonprofits can view offers, selecting interns they deem most qualified for the task. This is a brilliant opportunity for nonprofits and NGOs that lack the physical space or funds to hire interns.  It also empowers staff at all levels to get help that they otherwise would not be able to access.  Sample Missions could include designing and populating a spreadsheet, carrying out a research project, analyzing grant opportunities, or editing content to create an impressive presentation.

Student solvers have the opportunity to perform meaningful work for an organization, gain relevant experience, and build relationships and networks to add to their career trajectory and resume.  The number of possibilities is endless for students and nonprofits. Nonprofits should always have access to new capacity, and students shouldn’t be at a disadvantage because they may not be able to afford to work for little or nothing while living in the city of a nonprofit with a high cost of living.

SolveUp LIVE

TedX Meets Shark Tank helps you understand Solve Up LIVE.  A nonprofit executive director, board member, or volunteer shares a challenge at a venue like a bar, coffee shop, or restaurant.  Similar to a TedX talk, these presentations are brief in that they outline the mission of the nonprofit and then succinctly describe the challenge.  The audience helps the organization solve the problem by designing a solution.  The result is a changed world with a brighter landscape across every neighborhood, city, and community.

SolveUp CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Every year, companies write checks and place volunteers on boards. Some even contribute to volunteer days that help employees feel connected.  But today’s companies are seeking something deeper and more meaningful.   Meanwhile, a nonprofit may have 5000 volunteers but only engages the 15 on their board around constructive problem solving or exploring opportunities.  Solve Up offers a pathway to engage those other 4,985 volunteers as creative problem solvers ready to make a difference amidst launching new products and services.

Nonprofits Image


Solve Up is an ecosystem which catalyzes change through collective impact, design, and networks.  Our work through the SolveUp platform and Mission Rise consulting is making a substantive difference in volunteer engagement, problem-solving, and contributing to social sector innovation.  Our business model is free for organizations to post Missions and for volunteer Solvers to make offers.  Because we believe you should only pay for what you use, we charge organizations a small $20 fee when they make a connection.


Turn your desire to make a difference into a reality.