SolveUp is a platform that leverages the strength of the community, especially yours. While many feel like society is disintegrating between a pandemic and political polarization, we believe all have something to offer. As division over social issues threaten our ability to help on another, we must come together to catalyze innovative solutions.

SolveUp.org empowers individuals, students, and professionals to share their time, talent, and resources to solve social challenges through the nonprofits seeking to resolve them. Whereas lodging has AirBnB and transportation has LYFT or Uber, communities have SolveUp. We crowdsource volunteer “Solvers” to find solutions through the skills and expertise of those who volunteer. Nonprofits post Missions which are time-limited, project-based initiatives that address challenges or leverage opportunities. Nonprofits that post Missions can accept a single or multiple offers, even allowing them to build teams around a problem or opportunity. Missions can be narrow tasks or broader, big-picture opportunities. It is free for volunteers. And, for nonprofits who post Missions, it only requires a small $5 fee from orgs if they make a connection.

Mission Rise features pieces by SolveUp’s founder, Mike Mitchell, and guest authors. Our focus is on program and financial innovation for nonprofits and explores trends facing the nonprofit sector. The need for creative thinking could not be more urgent. As the complexity of our social problems has grown, we must build dynamic, agile, and creative nonprofits to confront them. Yet the nonprofit sector struggles to do so with strains on financial, staff, and volunteer resources. Let us rethink our approaches and develop new ones.

SolveUp Live: TedX meets Shark Tank — minus the investment capital — are conversations and interviews that offer participants and listeners a chance to hear how others are approaching problems and meeting Mission. Conversations may include a nonprofit executive director, board member, or volunteer sharing tough issues they’ve faced and what they have done to overcome them.

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Solve Up is an ecosystem which catalyzes change through collective impact, design, and networks. Think about this. A nonprofit may have 5,000 volunteers but only engage its 15 Board members on constructive problem-solving or exploring opportunities. Is that not a misallocation of talent? We aim to engage the other 4,985 volunteers as creative problem solvers. SolveUp and Mission Rise want you to see a substantive difference because of this platform so that you can meet mission and ensure impact.

Turn your desire to make a difference into a reality.