Solve Up crowdsources skilled volunteer “Solvers” around time limited, project based “Missions” to resolve social problems and nonprofit challenges.  The objective is to engage talent that includes existing volunteers and new individuals and teams who are employees at companies, students and faculty at universities, stay at home spouses, and retirees to design and implement solutions.

While Solve Up facilitates traditional volunteering, it aims to open up the number and quality of problem solvers available to address our deepest challenges.  In so doing, Solve Up more deeply empowers nonprofits to build teams of many or one.  Not only can organizations apply help to immediate needs, but it allows them the use of volunteer “Solvers” who can contribute to systemic challenges inside their organizations and around the missions they seek to address.

For individuals, you can connect with the Mission that aligns with your values and you can organize Solve Ups as a way to organize teams around the issues you care about and want to invest.

For nonprofits, you can open doors to greater resources and volunteers necessary to complete your missions.  The fee for nonprofits is $20 for each connection so you only pay for what you use, and the cost is minimal compared to paying for a full subscription you may or many not fully utilize.

Solvers Wanted: Turn your desire to make a difference into a reality.