December 30, 2019by Mike Mitchell


Mission Rise consults with nonprofits, companies, universities, faith based institutions, and cause oriented communities to elevate mission.  Clients are Solve Up members overcoming barriers to mission and leveraging opportunities through volunteers, innovation, and systems change.  Other clients include social sector organizations facing the similar challenges such as a social enterprise in need of marketing help or an NGO building an Artificial Intelligence tool.

The Social Sector, which includes nonprofits as well as businesses with a commitment to corporate responsibility, is eager to do something but it is harder than most realize.   Inequality, homelessness, housing, climate change, immigration, and other issues confront us daily.  And the organizations built to address those issues are under constant stress.  They must satisfy multiple “customers” and face donors with competing interests behind giving, even at times placing demands in exchange for dollars.   Such funding can dictate business models, organizational culture, and mission creep.

Mission Rise services include:

  • Volunteer Engagement – Moving volunteers from task oriented roles to problem solving challenges where they can apply professional skills and experience.  It also means moving volunteers to giving.
  • Resource Development – Pursuing grant opportunities and more importantly, leveraging new opportunities for income generation.
  • Program Innovation – Launching new or broadening existing programs to better serve clients and draw in resources.
  • Scenario Planning – A strategic planning process that anticipates multiple futures instead of just one typically offered in strategic planning.
  • Facilitation – Leading boards, staff, and stakeholders in sessions to meet team objectives.

Without engaged volunteers and staff, mission is hindered, focus is blurred, and the result is the persistence of the very problems society seeks to resolve.  Mission Rise, the consulting arm and parent of Solve Up, fulfills a vision of stronger organizations.

Leading Solve Up & Mission Rise is Mike Mitchell.  Reach out to him at

With more than 25 years in CEO and senior manager roles in nonprofits, Mike has experience and expertise in management, innovation, and programs where he helps nonprofits and individuals succeed in meeting, even exceeding Mission.  He is a former CEO of a Habitat for Humanity affiliate,  served in senior roles at overseeing national networks at two national faith based organizations, and has served on countless boards (including as the recent Chair at Maryland Nonprofits), civic campaigns and endeavors, and wants to catalyze change for the organizations and people ready to do so for themselves.