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Nonprofits face tough challenges meeting mission. That’s where you come in. With your time, talent, and treasure, you can conquer those challenges with us as a Solver. Your first step as a volunteer Solver starts with a single click!

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SolveUp bridges the gap between symptom and solution. Nonprofits need volunteers — YOU — to design solutions or to work with them to customize answers.

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Through volunteering with SolveUp, you can take your raw material, like your experience, talents, and skills, and apply it to improve the world.Are you ready to become a Solver?

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Discover how to turn your interests into impact. Sign in to become a Solver, which opens the door to a growing list of opportunities to make a difference. Share your time, materials, and donations with organizations making impact in communities near and far.



From materials to venues and money — coordinate a donation to a nonprofit that could use what you have. Find the Missions that align with your capacity to give.

This is SolveUp member, Mike. He answered a registered nonprofit’s Mission for building materials. Mike had some leftover materials from a home remodeling project and chose to donate them. His generosity made a difference.


Your time is invaluable. There are nonprofits that could use your presence, strength, and even your smile. Volunteer for programs or upcoming events in your community.

This is SolveUp members Alan and Brenda. They had just retired and want to spend his time volunteering in their community. When a registered nonprofit posted a mission for friendly faces at an upcoming event, they used their member portal to sign up. Alan and Brenda’s time was spent supporting his neighbors.


SolveUp will give your nonprofit the engine that propels your initiatives forward. Collect materials, fundraise, or assemble a team. Organize your efforts so that your causes become influence.

This is SolveUp member, Jacqueline. She is the director of a local nonprofit and needs to coordinate volunteers and donations for an upcoming fundraiser. She logged into her SolveUp portal to connect with local humanitarians. SolveUp helped Jacqueline’s organization reach its target.

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Check out these featured missions. They're waiting for people who are ready to contribute.

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